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    Dancing lines and jittery sky…..?


      Hello All

      I’m still kind of new to shooting video with the 5DMK2, as I’m an Architectural Photographer and I’m having more and more clients asking about video.


      I’ve posted a sample video there is no audio, and please excuse the sloppy pan, I’m still trying to work out the bugs and kinks.


      My problem is:

      The sky seems to have a lot of jitter in it (Not sure if jitter is the word or not)

      Dancing lines on the eves/edges of the house.


      Is there a way to get rid of those artifacts?


      I used Premiere Pro CS5, with the Vimeo HD export settings .



      My workstation is as follows:

      MacPro 12 Core

      14 GB ram

      OS 10.6.5

      CS5 Master Collection

      26 inch Lacie Monitor


      Any Suggestions are greatly appreciated.


      Video Link




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          mborosch Level 1

          BTW the source video was from a Canon 5DMK2



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            Jim_Simon Level 9
            Is there a way to get rid of those artifacts?


            "...there are no DSLRs currently on the market that can produce the quality of video that could be considered for any serious applications. Due to the 'line-skipping' down-converting methods of cameras like Canon's EOS 5D MK2 where the method of downscaling to get a HD video picture size of 1920x1080 is achieved by simply deleting (skipping) lines on the large sensor. This, and other limitations such as a lack of decent low-pass video filtering, means that DSLRs like the 5D MK2 suffer from chronic aliasing, compression artifacts, bayer-type patterning, stepping and other retarded picture degrading phenomena."


            The solution?


            "Unlike Digital SLRs, Panasonic have put all the right technology into the AG-AF100 camcorder to utilize this large sensor and the amazing shallow depth-of-field that can be achieved from it by using correct optical low-pass video filtering and proper downscaling technology, eliminating any aliasing and other nasty gremlins that DSLRs are riddled with."



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              Level 4

              that mp4 is 1280x720


              what did you shoot at originally ? cause it looks like downscaling is doing that sorta moire patterning..do a test where you shoot the same size as your export is gonna be and see if that solves problem...


              good luck

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                patterns with downscaling






                if i was panning the top pic would be "jittery" with that pattern...has to do with the straight lines etc...so shoot at same size as final ( 1280x720) might solve your prob

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                  mborosch Level 1

                  The jitter in the sky/clouds is that what's considered "Rolling Shutter"