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    Slowing down a clip?


      How do you slow down a clip yet still make it smooth for playback?

      I have some pans I did with a boom and my boom moves were too fast, so I need to slow it down a bit.  I tried right clicking on the timeline speed/duration, however on playback it seemed choppy.


      I’m using CS5 Preimere Pro with the master collection.


      Any Suggestions are greatly appreciated.





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          sorry, but basically it sounds like the pan was the right speed and the boom up or down was too fast...and to make the boom "corrected" its gonna make more frames ( tween ) on the pan...which will make it look choppy...you know ?  Its trying to make more frames in between ( tweening ) the pan, to accomodate slowing the boom...


          sooo basically you have to live with it or eeek it slightly....like use "less" time duration to take the "curse" off the camera move, while not getting all the tweening where it looks choppy...


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            Colin Brougham Level 6

            Enable frame blending for the clip (right-click > Frame Blending).

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              Todd_Kopriva Level 8

              If you don't get the results that you want with Premiere Pro, and you also have After Effects, you can use the more advanced frame blending options in After Effects. Basically, Premiere Pro has two settings (off and frame mix) and After Effects has three (off, frame mix, and pixel motion), where the third uses motion vectors to interpolate images between the original frames.


              See "Frame blending".