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    Recording drawing??

    SiddharthSaha Level 1



      I am making an app using ActionScript3. In this flash application, I want that the user can draw stuff (scribble) on the screen(in my case I have taken MovieClip) and also can give her webcam and microphone input.


      I have the basic application done - that is, the user can draw, webcam and audio is captured. Additionally, I also want that the complete activity along with the webcam and audio input be recorded on the server side into an flv file. I was able to publish the camera and Microphone to a NetStream and then record it. But I also want the scribbling activity recorded as a movie.


      How can this be done. I have implemented using a MovieClip but if there is some way to do this differently then I can change it. Please note that I want a single flv file in which everything has been recorded.


      Please help - haven't been able to find the answer anywhere.