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    Flash letterspacing issues

      Is anyone having the same letterspacing issues in CS3 as me? Flash just DOES NOT render text properly, may it be Static, Dynamic or Input. Spaces between characters are completely messed up, and the problem is not with the font I'm using, as this very same font works perfectly in TextEdit, Illustrator, Photoshop and even Word. Even ligated characters (sorry that may not be the proper word, I normally speak french) like œ or æ don't even have enough spacing after them, requiring me to include two spaces after one of those in order for them not to overlap with the following text.

      As a designer who has great concerns for typography, I simply cannot accept Flash's letterspacing treatment. Is anyone else aware of this? Is Adobe is? Are they planning on taking actions in order to resolve this issue? I've heard any complains on many forums, including Adobe's. I've never been able to find any way of resolving this however. The only potent solutions I've found is to make headlines as images, which ain't convenient at all.