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    Inserting Copy protection


      I am relatively new to Premier Pro, but I believe that when compiling a movie that it is possible to insert some form of copy protection system.


      If this is the case, could someone inform me how to go about doing this. I can find nothing in our users manual about doing this.


      We would like to be able to have the project completed and burnt to a DVD sometime today if possible.



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          shooternz Level 6

          Take a look in the Encore manual (or  help file)  for that info..

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            John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Don't bother asking in Encore about copy protection on a burned disk... it is not possible


            The only way to do copy protection (which is done in Encore) is to create a DLT Tape output with a "special flag" which is then sent to a replication house


            That replication house then inserts the copy protection code into the file you send... creates a glass master... and then will PRESS, not burn, your DVD


            This is the same way the big Hollywood studios do copy protection... and it is not cheap... and it also doesn't really work, since there are products that remove CP from pressed discs



            Click the HELP link above and in the Search Knowledge Base box enter


            encore copy protection


            or just click http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/search/index.cfm?loc=en_us&term=encore%20copy%20protection&ca t=support

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              Jim_Simon Level 9

              You cannot add any kind of copy protection from within Premiere.  Encore cannot add copy protection to burned disks.


              In short, you just can't do it.


              (And even for those that can, Like Hollywood, most any teenager these days knows how to get around that, so it's kind of pointless.)

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                CSPSOUND Level 1

                Thank you for the information.


                The DVD was of a lecture given by an academic and it contains some information regarding a research project he is working on.


                The lecturer wanted the video footage converted into a DVD suitable format (AVI) and for one only DVD to be burnt.


                He simply wanted to ensure that the DVD could not be copied and distributed to others before he had completed his research.


                I will pass on to him your answers and I thank you all for the speed response.


                As I am a professional sound engineer rather than a video persion, I am sure that as I learn more about the programme, there will be other questions.



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                  shooternz Level 6

                  My version of Encore does provide Copy Protection.


                  I have the options under CGMS of :


                  Unlimited Copies are Allowed

                  Oned Copy os Allowed

                  No Copies are allowed


                  I also have Macrovision Options




                  I have never used any of this so have no idea about how or if it works




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                    John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    >video footage converted into a DVD suitable format (AVI)


                    AVI is an edit format... and will not play when burned to a DVD, except in a computer which has the correct codec installed


                    Authoring with Encore converts an AVI to the MPEG2 format required for a DVD, then creates the file structure and VOB files that allow a DVD to be a "movie" when placed in a set top player connected to a TV


                    Put a DVD movie in your computer's DVD drive sometime and, after exiting from the autoplay, use Windows Explorer to take a look at what is on the DVD

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                      John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      >My version of Encore does provide Copy Protection


                      That is not for a burned DVD... it is to be used to provide an "almost done" version to a replication house, which then adds the copy protection and presses the discs


                      I don't do replication so have never even gone to those options, but my limited userstanding is that telling Encore you want copy protection creates a file with an INCOMPLETE file structure, so the replication house may complete the file by inserting the copy protection code


                      Something about block length, I think (something like... a full block length is 2048 bytes and an incomplete length is some lower number, to allow for copy protection code insertion into each and every block in the file)


                      But... bottom line... Encore will not directly burn a copy protected disc

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                        Jim_Simon Level 9

                        And even if it did, any 12 year old would still be able to copy it.

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                          Daxman1965 Level 1



                          encore does not work but if you want a copy tower that does then take a look. http://www.intellistor.co.za/files/copyprotection.pdf. this company gave me a sample and I could not copy it and I tried everything. (I am getting one early next year)