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    Combining single pages

    Connie Mag

      I have scanned 13 individual pages into my computer and they are now in 13 individual Adobe files.  How do I combine the pages into a single document?  And will they automatically combine in their correct order?  Thanks.

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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          This cannot be done with Reader. You need Acrobat Standard or Pro.

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            Connie Mag Level 1

            Oh!   Thanks so much.  Glad to know that it's not my incompetence.  I guess

            I'd better get Acrobat Standard or Pro.

            I appreciate your quick response.

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              I have a different although related issue. I run Acrobat 9 pro on a mac.


              In addition I have a windows based software program on another PC that creates large charts for family history which are then printed on a continuous plotter. However it is configured to max length of 9 feet or approx 274cm. So when I have charts (complete with lines and boxes full of names linking everyone) greater than 9 feet long I end up with a PDF file with two or more pages. The output I am seeking is one continuous seamless plot so I'd like to a) combine the pages into one [i managed this] and b) more importantly remove the small gap and page break dotted lines [say a cm or so] between the pages and line up the charting lines and boxes. any ideas please?