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    ADE frozen with "verifying document"

    mlewis78 Level 1

      I know that someone else posted about this, but I don't see an answer.  Here is a detailed description of my problem.


      Ever since I first launched Adobe Digital Editions on my computer, when I open it I get a box that says "One or more downloads are not finished. Do you want to resume pending tasks?" I click OK and then I can use ADE.


      Recently while I was adding a library book file, another box came up saying "Verifying Document." This never went away, so I couldn't use ADE until I uninstalled it and downloaded it again from ADE's website. Now, it still comes up (Verifying Document) and I can't use ADE at all. It's stuck in "verifying document" process (which looks like it's doing nothing except showing the box with that message.


      I also get a message from Kaspersky security each time I open ADE which is something to the effect of "Behavior similar to PDM. Private data and passwords detected . . ." This also used to show up whenever I played Scrabble that I have in my hard drive (eventually the Scrabble file disappeared altogether).


      Until I find a way to get the "verifying document" box out of there, I won't be able to download library books to my Nook or Sony readers. All that I can think of is to use my netbook (instead of my everyday laptop) and download ADE to it, for now.


      Has anyone had either of these messages on their ADE? Any advice? Any other way to access my library books? I also have a problem with the Sony software, which I have uninstalled and installed, but a corrupt message is across the screen and nothing can be done in there, either.