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    EX CAM metadata problem ? Files being lost


      Hi all,


      I am not a particularly experienced editor but i have been using PP CS5 for the last few months to edit some EX CAM (EX) files that i shot on an EX3.


      The strange thing is...though everything has being going fine up to now...in the last couple of days...PP CS5 has started losing track of some of my EX CAM clip files. For example, I have a 1 hour 20min file that i have been working with (not very intensively...just doing some titling and so forth)...it was shot in an EX3 and the mp4 files spanned across two cards when it was shot. Up to now...dragging in the first "EX clip" in the series has predictably also brought in all the other "clips" and the whole file has played seamlessly as one file and in the right order. But now, when i save and shut down my PC, the next day when i start up the project, the file has diagonal gray bars across portions of it in the sequence timeline and  PP seems unable to find those clip portions of the file. Down the bottom of the PP screen I get the little yellow progress bar graph saying "CONFORMING mp4"...But after it finishes this process, it still fails to find the missing parts of the EX clip.


      Some times it even starts to get confused and gets the clips in the wrong order (eg clip section 6 appears as section 1).

      It seems to me that PP is either not reading the metadata correctly, or the EX metadata has been corrupted. I have checked the BPAV folders and everything seems there (though i didn't open up the CUE files). I also checked the mp4's and all the raw mp4 clips are there and playable.


      Can anyone tell me what is happening ? If this continues, my whole project will be screwed....i have thousands of EX clips and it would take months to drag them all into the project and order them manually.


      The drive that the files are on is a Western Digital Black Caviar and it is not a networked drive. I am doing very lightweight editing with very few effects and there have been no performance issues with the system (no drive speed issues, no RAM issues, no video card issues so far). I am running Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit and I should mention i am running the accelerated GPU workaround "hack" with an Asus EN-GTX260 1GigDDR5