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    CS5 won't export a new swc


      Hi all,


      I've been having similar issues as many others regarding saving xfl and fla files out of flash cs5.  I have managed to get through them with various methods of recreating files, make new flas, and coping the library over, and the like.. (All of which is crap by the way, saving issues should NEVER be an issue)


      The answer from support seems to be "You have a corrupt asset".  If this is the case then flash corrupted it. </RANT>


      The issue I'm having now however, is that I can no longer get it to export a new swc.  I'm using the swc with a Pure AS3 project.

      I can save the xfl file just fine.

      I can compile it and it doesn't complain (though there isn't much to compile other than images and movieclips containing those images)

      I can re-open the file just fine.

      I am not saving across a network, but directly to a local disk.

      As far as I know, I don't have odd characters in the clip names, but if there are its by mistake, and there is virtually no way of discovering which one it is.

      I am on the latest version of Flash Pro CS5 (


      So, to Support:  Can someone there at adobe please look at this file and tell me what is not allowing it to build the swc?  Or better yet, tell me how to find out?


      I'm sure its breaking in the middle and giving up but not ever throwing an error.


      Is there a way to find out what asset is breaking it?


      Please, this is driving me insane.


      I will gladly email Support the project to have a look at.  However I cannot publicly give out the file on the forum.


      Thank you,