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    Printing Multiple Pages

      Frankly, I am absolutely appauled by the printing in Flex (which some prolific bloggers labelled as a "ver powerful printing engine". ha-ha)
      As with many Flex features, the lack of documentation and support makes the coding a bloody voodoo dance where the end result depends on an unpredictable combination of undocumented parameters, e.g. you can set the height of a component as - no setting at all, a percentage, a number in pixels, an explicit height, a maximum-minimum height, etc. What is the difference between setting no height and setting it as 100% or 85% in terms of printing? Why does the PrintDataGrid splits the rows at ease wherever it likes it? Why is the next page grid is the same height as the grid on first page ? Why is there only one example in all the documation (it is the same in all the blogs BTW, too)? Why this example fails to deliver once you add just another component to the layout?
      If Adobe aims at business applications, how come printing is such a neglected part of Flex?

      I've spent a full working week trying to control the print. I fail to understand why 80% height works in some cases, while 79% does not. I fail to understand why certain parameters are ignored, while others are taken into the account. The control is superficial and it is not visual enough. The documentation is none. It is OK if you need to print "Hello World", but if you need anything more complex than that, call a shaman.

      Adobe is the printing company. It is probably the principal supplier of the printing technologies in the world, starting from PS through to PDF.
      Why the hell this Adobe product is an example of the poorest printing technology I've ever come across?

      Pls stop blogging and start supporting.