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    How to get Anchored Frame oversets

    Adobe-InDesign CS4

      Dear All


      I'm having one big problem regarding for the Anchores


      I'm having 10 pages with anchored Frames data's in the pages.



      How to collect all anchored Frames


      Query 2:

      How to get the Anchored Frames Overset checking


      Query 3:

      How to get the Anchored Frame page number


      //================================= Script ===========================//

      var myFrame = myDoc.textFrames;
          var myCharacter;
          var ParentTextFrame;
          var PageNumber;
          for(var imyFrm=0; imyFrm<myFrame.length; imyFrm++)
           myAnchStory = myFrame[imyFrm].parentStory;
             for(var iAnstry0; iAnstry=myAnchStory.texts[0].textFrames.length; iAnstry++)
                 if(myAnchStory.texts[0].textFrames[iAnstry].overflows == true)
                  myCharacter = myAnchStory.texts[0].textFrames[iAnstry].parent;
                   ParentTextFrame = myCharacter.parentTextFrames[0];            
                   PageNumber = ParentTextFrame.parent.name;
                  // break;

      //============================= End of the Script ================================//


      But this scripts is working so many times... I dont know what I done the big mistake in this script.


      Please any one can suggest me the solutions.


      Thanks & Regards

      T.R.Harihara SudhaN