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    How to get Anchored Frame oversets

    Adobe-InDesign CS4 Level 1

      Dear All


      I'm having one big problem regarding for the Anchores


      I'm having 10 pages with anchored Frames data's in the pages.



      How to collect all anchored Frames


      Query 2:

      How to get the Anchored Frames Overset checking


      Query 3:

      How to get the Anchored Frame page number


      //================================= Script ===========================//

      var myFrame = myDoc.textFrames;
          var myCharacter;
          var ParentTextFrame;
          var PageNumber;
          for(var imyFrm=0; imyFrm<myFrame.length; imyFrm++)
           myAnchStory = myFrame[imyFrm].parentStory;
             for(var iAnstry0; iAnstry=myAnchStory.texts[0].textFrames.length; iAnstry++)
                 if(myAnchStory.texts[0].textFrames[iAnstry].overflows == true)
                  myCharacter = myAnchStory.texts[0].textFrames[iAnstry].parent;
                   ParentTextFrame = myCharacter.parentTextFrames[0];            
                   PageNumber = ParentTextFrame.parent.name;
                  // break;

      //============================= End of the Script ================================//


      But this scripts is working so many times... I dont know what I done the big mistake in this script.


      Please any one can suggest me the solutions.


      Thanks & Regards

      T.R.Harihara SudhaN