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    Font Package

    Dan Jacobsen Level 1

      Hi folks,


      Sorry for the off topic post, but we're looking to buy a font collection for our new After Effects PC and thought one of you guys might be able to suggest a good one.


      Now sure on budget but if anyone has bought a package lately and thought it was good please let me know.


      A good general set is what we're after i think... nothing specific. The PC has very few so we'd just like to have a few more options on there.



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Well, if you don't really need them, then don't buy them. You could save the money and buy when the need really arises. Trust me, at work we have a collection of over 10000 fonts, both free and commercial, but we still only use a tiny sub-set of them. There are a few excellent free fonts (Gentium, Dejà-Vu, Fontin etc.) out there that you could/ should have and there are even some useful ones on sites like DaFont, but anything beyond that you probably don't need until a client asks for something unique and at that point you will probably prefer to spend the cash on licensing one quality font/ font family than being stuck with ones everyone uses or that simply aren't so great...




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            Dan Jacobsen Level 1

            Thanks Myl,


            My thoughts exactly. Up until now I've used DaFont and bought the occasional font as needed. But we've been out-sourced recently and the new guys are worried about me downloading free fonts in case some are not as free as they claim. It also seems they'll be too much red tape to buy fonts quickly, so they offered me a one off budget for a package. I don't see much point really and what you have said confirms this.


            I'll push for some way of using Dafont that they find acceptable.



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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              In that case it might be a good idea to set up a subscription at MyFonts, Linotype or Fontshop, which will essentially give you access to all their fonts so you can try and test (and you get freebie fonts) and only would need extra licensing e.g. if something goes on air or is being mass distributed in editable form (templates, presets). Still, I guess whether you can justify the cost will still depend on how many fonts you actually use...



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                shooternz Level 6

                I went thru the process of "organising my fonts in my NLEs ( Windows) recently.


                I didnt buy any packs and agree with buy them when you need them.


                Best thing I did though was purchase and install


                'High-Logic Maintype'




                Next best thing was ....prior installing installing Main Type app....I rid myself of all the spurious "Asian" Fonts from all my systems. eg Bautang, Gaurang etc....... etc...


                This is done with a free little batch app called '2manyfonts'


                Found on this page  HERE



                or here:


                http://social.answers.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/w7desktop/thread/60f5ac05-182e-438f-88e4- 2a7432d8e161/#2387916b-c642-48ad-bdaa-cc24c5342d4b



                Another thing - if you can find an old copy of CORELDRAW (eg Vers 8)... you will disco\ver an abundance of Fonts.  Many of them basic , classics and very useful.


                I keep approx 150-180 Fonts installed in my systems and can access hundreds more from the NAS via Main Type..