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    JVC Everio Widescreen settings in PE9

    fluffymax Level 1

      I have just purchased Premiere Elements 9 as It looked like all was OK with the trial. I record Standard Def videos on my JVC Everio HDD camera in 16:9. I started a new project and selected the widescreen setting (which even references the JVC HDD recorder). When I then add media to my project, it says the media is not the same type as the project and so I accepted the project change to suit my video. Whether I accept the change or not, when I preview, it always appears stretched like 4:3 instead of 16:9 and I have just compiled a video and it even burns to disc as 4:3 even though the disc output selection is widescreen. How can I get the package to preview in 16:9 and ensure it keeps the clips in 16:9 which is how they are recorded? The menus do appear as widescreen format.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          This often happens with Everio MOD files.


          It's an issue related to the video format itself, and is not a problem with Premiere Elements.


          About the only solution is to right-click on the clips in the Project folder and select Interpret Footage to set the correct Pixel Aspect Ratio.


          Also, as I said in your other thread, you probably haven't selected the correct project settings. If you had, there would not be a red line above your clips when you placed them on your timeline. Is this the case?