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    Relink 100 of files at once?


      Is there anyway to relink a directory and actaully let Premier search for my footage? Right now I am manually puting my cut together of hunderds of files.


      if this doesnt exsist can we get this in a future update of cs5 as it is really odd this has not been implemented before, especially in a day and age when studios are apart and mostly online.

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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          If your files are in the same relative locations on the current system as they were on the previous system, relinking one will let PPro link to the rest of them.


          If your files are scattered, however, you'll have to relink them manually. On Windows, at least, you can use the search bar at the top of the file dialog to help this process.

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            Charnold26 Level 1

            Thats what I have done they came from a windows machine to my mac so i just used find to attach the files, defnitly needs a simple add directory feature to search in, problem solved. the odd thing is After effects kind of does that once you relink a single file and the same files are in that folder it relinks all of them, how ever it does not search sub directories.


            so I am frustrated as I the work was all over the place, I cleaned the working director and placed all the footage into neat folders easy to find and understand, only to find that Premier did not like this idea one bit.