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    Dynamic templates - are they available?

    Mirek Robo



      I'm new to RoboHelp and have rather basic question: is it possible to attach templates "dynamically" conditioned on the generated product?

      I can see that RoboHelp provides Conditional Build Tags - do they apply to templates too? If so, how?


      Here is my scenario:

      I have several related applications with many shared components. Due to functionality overlap, I'd like to maintain only one single set of sources and be able to generate help files for each of my applications individually. Pages for applications should have distinct appearance (product name, product logo, etc.).

      How can I do it? I thought of using application dedicated page templates. Is there a different way?


      By the way, I'm using RoboHelp version 6 now but be soon upgrading to version 8.


      Thanks for your help!

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          Welcome to the forum


          RoboHelp 8 allows you to choose a master page OR a specific CSS when you generate your help, not both. Sounds like that would work for you.


          If you take a look at the announcements on the RoboHelp and RoboHelp HTML forums, you will see that Adobe are beginning to give sneak peeks of RoboHelp 9. Take a hint.


          BTW. This post is in the category for Microsoft HTML Help (CHMs) so I will move it to the RoboHelp HTML forum. Please take a look at the stick topics there. They will help you make better use of these forums.


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