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    Is this possible?


      Hi guys. Despite i´ve been working with PS for ages i just discovered it had scripting capabilities this week. And i´m facing a problem i think scripting may solve. I will be having a set of map images for photoreferencing already resized and rotated, each of them in a separate file with their name including their X and Y position on the final map in pixels.


      The full process should be:

           - read all files names, searching for the X and Y parameters

           - create or resize the canvas to be X= (greater X from files + that files width) Y= (greater Y from files + that files height)

           - Import all the files as layers in the canvas

           - reposition them to their X and Y specified

           - blend layers


      At least the 4th step should be scripted because there will be quite a number of images, the others i can do on hand or as action commands. But to do so i need to know if its possible to extract values from a string (be the file or the layer) and change it´s type to an integer. I know it´s possible in other languages, but i didn´t found anything about variable types in the reference manual.


      Thanks in advance