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    using bindingUtils to a form field problems

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      So I've used binding in mXML quite a bit, and in this case I'm trying to setup the binding in actionscript referecing an object. Below is the declaration, and the init function that runs to setup the binding, and the mxml to show a form field. My goal here is that configResults is an object with many properties that get loaded from an external source at various times in the application. When the property changes value, I want the form fields to update with the new information. So the below seems to work, but (code not shown), when I change the value of configResults.testVar via an http call, I notice in debug that the property does infact change, but the form-field never changes? Any ideas. First time I"m declared binding in actionscript. Thanks!


      import mx.binding.utils.BindingUtils;

      [Bindable] public var configResults:Object = new Object;


      private function init():void{

      configResults.testVar = '';

      BindingUtils.bindProperty(testVar, "text", configResults, "testVar");




      <mx:FormItem label="System Domain Name:">

      <mx:TextInput id="testVar" />