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    After effects layers do not show


      Hi can anyone help me,

      I've looked around for lots of tutorials and nobody seems to have this simple problem.

      When I create a layer in CS5 it dosnt show the layer. Just a box - usually black.

      So, lets guide you a bit through the problem.

      I load after effects up.

      I click on new composition - I leave all the settings as default.
      I click ok.

      (It dosnt matter what back ground color I select, the screen is always black when I have clicked ok).

      No matter what I do from here nothing happens.

      If I click the txt Icon and type something, no matter what color txt I select it cannot be seen.
      If I then click the selection tool a box appears around where the txt should be so it is definitly there - but no matter what color I select this is what happens.

      If I then click on new layer (again leaving everything defaulted) I get a new layer but I just get like a wireframe X across it.

      This happens no matter what I do.

      The only way to change this is if I mess around with the roto brush and then go back to the original compisition box I can see my txt against a white and grey checked background!!!!

      Can anyone help because ive been trying to use since installing 2 days ago!!!

      Thanks in advance.