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    Quick motherboard recommendation needed!

    Colin Brougham Level 6

      I'm building a PC for a buddy of mine who I've not only converted to Premiere from FCP, but also from a Mac to PC Double whammy!


      Anyway, he's not looking for anything too over the top, and has no plans to overclock--actually, he told me specifically, "no overclocking!" I've pretty much got all the components picked out--I'm sort of recycling my build from earlier this year which is built around an ASUS P6X58D Premium with an OC'ed i7-930--though I'm going to go with the i7-950/960 for him.


      I will probably go with the ASUS since I'm familiar with it, unless anyone has a better suggestion. I'm looking at four of them which seem to be relatively comparable in price, features, and ratings at Newegg:



      Prices are all around $250, so that's not really a concern. It seems like the ASUS and Gigabyte are popular choices amongst folks here, but is there any one of these that is a stand-out among the others? As mentioned, overclocking capability is not a concern--just general stability and flexibility. If there are any other suggestions, I'm all eyes--thanks!