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    unable to attach PDF to email (Outlook for Mac 2011)

    metonda Level 1

      We are pushing out software upgrades for CS5 and MS Office 2011 for Mac. We've discoverd that we can't use the Attach to email feature in Acrobat. The spinning rainbow wheel pops up for about a minute, and then Acrobat is non-responsive and we have to force quit. We can still drag and drop an attachment so we have a viable workaround but obviously we'd like to be able to use the automated feature.


      All software is up-to-date.

      In the preferences panel of Outlook, we have selected Outlook to be the default mail application.


      As a sidenote, this feature doesn't work with Acobat X beta either. However, in the beta version of Acrobat X, if we declare Apple's mail application to be the default, it works fine. Unfortunately we use the Office suite as part of our enterprise system, so that's what we need to work with.


      Has anyone else experienced this? I've logged a ticket with Adobe but I haven't heard back from them yet.


      Thanks for any advise.