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    Upgrading from old versions

    Mick Mathers
      A colleague and I have just received new PC's. They came with Microsoft Office 2003 pre-installed. Previously we were using Robohelp 2002 with MS Office 97. When I tried to install RH2002 on our new PC's it failed as the new MS Office was incompatible. So, we purchased upgrades to RH6. When I tried to install the upgrades that fails because we don't have an old version of RoboHelp installed. The installer prompts for a serial number/key for RH X5, which we don't have. I spoke to Adobe Tech support who said I needed to talk to Customer Support, who said I should talk to Tech Support......
      At the moment I can't install my old RH because of MS Office 2003, so I can't upgrade to RH6 which I need to support MS Office 2003. Has anyone ecountered a similar problem in the past? What it Adobe provide as the solution?
      Mick Mathers