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    Flex 4 Module causes lower FPS up to 1 second after creation - bug? Online example provided.

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      http://filip.nedyalkov.net/moduleCreationIssue/ - source view enabled.


      IMPORTANT: Seems like the browser could be affecting this because I have the poorest framerate as explained below on latest version of Mozilla Firefox. On IE, Chrome and Safari with slight difference seems to be like around 10+ frames better than on Mozilla. Just check it out.


      Take a look at the example.

      The image transition on the left is between 2 groups with BitmapImages. That is the fastest frame rate to compare with the image transitions on the right.


      On the right we have 3 options:

      1) clicking will load a module, use the factory.create() to make instance, add it to a group and on creation complete plays the animation. As you can see in this case the frame rate is lower by about 15 frames.

      Note: Comparing the release version with the debuging one the frame rate is higher in the release version so the problem is less visible. In the debugging one I have about 57 frames for the left and about 30 frames in this scenario, which is like a half quality of the animation.


      2) the second option is the same as 1) but here when I create with factory.create() the module I don't add it as element to the moduleGroup, so it is never created, which results in normal frame rate, so no problem in this case.


      3) the third option is the same as the 1) but here I add 1000 ms (1 sec) delay to both animations, so they start 1 sec after the module has dispatched the creation complete event. This results in normal frame rate, so no problem again.


      Conclusion: The creation of module and it's elements, somehow causes lower framerate no matter that the creation have been already complete. I couldn't figure out a workaround for this one, and since I have a multi-module application all animations look bad.


      Could some adobe employee confirm this is a bug, I would like to post it in the bug system to find a workaround or some kind of resolution asap?