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    Non-TOC Files Appearing in Output

    bluejays47 Level 1

      I've started to notice, when I output a RoboHelp project into a non-printed format (that is, as CHM file or a Abode AIR project), RoboHelp will include everything in my output, instead of the files that were supposed to be included through the Table of Contents. My projects tend to include files that we're keeping around for our own reference, but don't want anyone else to see, so this is a problem. I've developed a bit of a workaround where I can tag any files not in the TOC, and then exclude those files when I output the project. However, it would be nice if I didn't have to worry about it to begin with.


      So, I guess my question is: is including non-TOC files in an output intended, or is it a big? If it is intended, is there another work-around that I can use to stop it?