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    Premiere won't stop processes after closing


      I have the latest 5.03 update and Premiere will not stop in the computer processes after closing.  I have to manually stop the process in the task manager.  I'm running Win 7 64bit enterprise on a Core 2 duo E8600 3.33ghz and 8 gigs of ram.  I'm not sure why it's not closing completely.  Any help would be appreciated.


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          i am not a professional

          however i have noticed multiple threads in this forum

          about ppro not closing down and users have to kill the process


          what i have found is that with a little bit more patience,

          ppro will close down


          i think it depends on your system resources

          and how big your project is


          the lower the resources of your computer

          and the larger the project

          (and how long you've been using ppro since a 'fresh start')

          make for a longer time until ppro closes itself down


          as a test: edit how you usually do, then exit out of ppro

          and then watch in task manager's processes that ppro

          will 'eventually' close itself


          the more memory ppro uses

          the longer it takes to shut itself off


          hope this helps