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    Flex 4 ModuleLoader bugs module creation cycle when added as element after module load | +Example

    FM_Flame Level 1

      http://filip.nedyalkov.net/creationcycle/ - view source enabled. (restart the application before testing V2)


      V1: Here I add the moduleLoader as element and then load the module

      V2: Here I load the module and then add it as element


      Try V1 and see the events order in the text area - this is the correct one.


      Restart the application and then Try V2, first press the first V2 button and when the second one is enabled press it and you will see the wrong event order of the creation cycle.


      I think this is a bug in ModuleLoader, because when I use ModuleManager and manually add the module there is no problem.


      Could adobe employee see my example and tell me if I should post it as a bug?


      P.S. There is workaround - if you set the module creation policy to none. and then after addElement in V2 u created the deferred content. Then the events are dispatched in the right order.