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    Logging in Flex 4 Application


      Hi All


      I have been developing a flex application from  scratch for my client. As I am a new to the world of Flex, I am facing some trouble related to client side logging in flex.


      I am using flex 4 SDK and IE Browser with Debug enabled Flash plugin version 10. (No Adobe Air)


      My question is in 3 parts


      1) As I went through different docs of Flex , I was asked to create a mm.cfg file on client side with TraceOutputFileEnable=1  . This would help me to print all the trace commands in C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\Logs location  in flashlog.txt  file.


      Now there can be cases when client doesnt have this file on his machine neither he has access to modify the C:\Documents and Settings\username folder for creating a new mm.cfg file . Is there any programatic way to handle this scenario


      2)After creating the mm.cfg file at the specified location on my machine , I tried to route all the trace logs to flashlog.txt at a different location (for e.g. d:/logs folder) but this file never gets created in the new destination folder . So after lot of browsing I found a website which said that the location of flashlog.txt is hardcoded to be at C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\Logs , because of which it will always created the file there.


      Now again my client is facing access rights issue in this particular location , is there any way to write this file in user specified location


      3)When all my options were exhausted , I decided to write the logs manually into a file ,

      But again , I realized that I could do it using FileReference API but when ever I tried to save a file it pops  me up with a system manager box asking me to select the location to save the file. Now this cant be a option to be used for logging a text


      Is there any way I could write into a text file on client  using flex.


      Any suggestions would be helpful .