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    Default Page Size Not Retained

    gesully Level 1

      I have just installed Adobe X Pro after having been using 9 Pro. I am on Windows 7.

      When I set Page Layout to Single Page and Fit Page it goes back to automatic after I close the document. I have tried checking, in Documents, Restore Last View Setting... that doesn't help. I want document, previously created with 9 Pro to open full page. I want new documents to be full page. Is there a setting I am missing?


      George Sullivan

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          Bill@VT Level 7

          Do the documents have a initial view setting? If so, that takes precedence over your settings.

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            gesully Level 1

            I assume they do not. I don't know how to tell. They were created by scanning with Acrobat 9 Pro. I never had the problem with 9 Pro. I set the page-size default and it just worked.


            To test I just printed a document from Word to Acrobat X and saved it on my Desktop. It displayed full page. I then closed Acrobat and reopened (without the document) and set the defaults to single page and fit page. Then I opened the Desktop document and the settings did not work. The settings had both reverted to Automatic.



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              gesully Level 1

              I opened, by the way, by double-clicking the document.


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                ehren e Level 1

                Edit> Preferences - on the Page display tab.  This is where you can configure those settings.

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                  gesully Level 1

                  Ehren, I set the preferences in Edit|Preferences|Page Display. I did this in Acrobat Pro 9 and it worked fine. I am doing the same thing in Acrobat Pro X and it isn't working for me. I am wondering if I am missing something.


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                    CtDave Level 5

                    re: Initial View settings of a PDF.
                    With the PDF open in Acrobat - File > Properties (Ctrl or Command + D).
                    Select the Inital View tab. Configuration is established in the top most pane (Layout and Magnification).
                    n.b., "Default" value implies the setting in Acrobat Preferences is utilized.
                    When a PDF is opened these settings dictate the intial view provided by Adobe Reader / Acrobat.

                    Re: Acrobat Preferences
                    Select Edit > Preferences > category "Page Display" - Page Layout and Zoom can be set here.
                    Meant to be "sticky" - Is so for the Acrobat X Pro install I have.
                    If not true with yours you may want to consider a "repair" ( Help > Repair Acrobat Installation)

                    Be well...


                    Acrobat X: Where is my Acrobat 9 tool?

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                      gesully Level 1

                      Dave, let me tackle these one at a time.


                      1. Initial view setting of a PDF. Why go to all the trouble of clicking on File>Properties, select Initial View tab, etc. for each document I create or use? I could just set the preference of Edit>Preferences>Document and check "Restore last view settings when reopening documents". Then when I deal with a document I just make sure it is the view size I want before saving it. And, at this point that is the approach I am taking because the Page Layout preferences doesn't work.


                      2. Acrobat preferences. I set Page Layout and Zoom as you describe but they are not "sticky". As soon as I close Acrobat both revert to automatic. In Acrobat 9 Pro these settings were "sticky". They are not in Acrobat X Pro. As you suggested I did a repair. After the repair these settings are still not "sticky".


                      The bigger picture is this.


                      Adobe's stock in trade has, for years, been the manipulation of digital documents. Their business plan has established the company as pre-eminent in this application.


                      But Acrobat X is aken to telling a secretary who has been shuffling paper for 10 years to stop using her right hand and to start using her left. Adobe changed the keyboard shortcuts leaving many out (for example there is no shortcut to extract pages). Adobe made it more difficult to quickly email a pdf by inserting more steps in the process because they are pushing some program called Send Adobe Online. The page layout and zoom default preferences no longer work as they did in previous versions unless I a missing something. I don't know whether the mundane functions in the new version just weren't thought out or the Adobe developers just wanted to have some fun.


                      The fact of the matter is I just need to shuffle papers and Adobe is forcing me to use my left hand.

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                        arun aneja Level 1

                        1. File -> Properties -> Initial View is just to check whether you have any initial view set with that document or not.

                        2. Can you try changing page display as you had been doing in a NULL Acrobat. By NULL Acrobat, I mean - launch only Acrobat and don't open any pdf in it. Then change page layout, zoom and close acrobat.

                        3. Do you have reader installed on the same machine? If yes, which version exactly?

                        4. Is it a multi-user system? Which user are you logged in as - admin or standard?



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                          gesully Level 1



                          1. I opened a random pdf and the initial view was "Default".

                          2. I tried changing the page display in a NULL Acrobat and that didn't help. The page display and layout go back to Automatic.

                          3. I do not have Acrobat Reader installed on this machine. I have Acrobat X, Adobe Elements, and Acrobat Distiller.

                          4. I am the only user and am the Administrator.





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                            gesully Level 1

                            Arun, When I go to Edit|Preferences|Document and check "Restore last view settings when reopening documents" and then save the document in a full-page view, it reopens in a full page view. The layout and fit settings are still on automatic.


                            While this is a help for documents I save and then reopen it does not solve the problem of opening a new document.



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                              gesully Level 1

                              Arun, Wow! I just installed Nuance PDF Converter Pro and it does everything right.


                              1. It retains the page layout, etc.

                              2. It does not ask me if I want to use some Adobe email service when I want to send an email.

                              3. It has a keyboard shortcut for extracting page(s) among other shortcuts

                              4. And it solves a major issue that wasn't discussed here. It works with my Ricoh 1224C 1232 Twain Driver which Acrobat X won't. The only way I have been able to scan is with Acrobat 9.0.0 running in a XP virtual machine. I have spent hours on the telephone with Adobe support and have been able to get this elevated to bug status to be fixed in the "next major release".


                              Frankly I just need to manipulate PDF's. I don't need to collaborate. I don't need to create portfolios. I just need something that works and it appears Nuance's product will fill the bill.


                              George Sullivan

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                                Bill@VT Level 7

                                A key you just mentioned was AA9.0.0. Before going much further, update. Acrobat is up to AA9.4.1. There are often a number of bugs in the early versions and this may just be one of them.

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                                  gesully Level 1

                                  My scanner driver works with Acrobat 9.0.0. I upgraded to the latest version and it wouldn't work. I had to uninstall and reinstall Acrobat 9 and now I resist upgrading beyone 9.0.0 just to keep it working. And recall that I am having to run 9.0 on a Windows XP virtual machine on my Windows 7 machine. Acrobat 9.0 will not run on Windows 7.


                                  As you might have read from an earlier comment, I installed Nuance PDF Converter Pro on my Windows 7 machine and it scans just fine. Additionally Adobe Photoshop Element scans just fine also. The culprit is Acrobat 9 and Acrobat X. There is a bug to which Adobe has assigned a bug number 2718220.



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                                    Tara 987 Level 1

                                    Advance>Accessibility> Set up assistant> Don't use recommended settings. Go to next (3rd next)

                                    It worked.

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                                      gesully Level 1

                                      Tara, where do I find Advance to try the sequence?





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                                        Tara 987 Level 1

                                        (Embedded image moved to file: pic23245.gif)

                                        (Embedded image moved to file: pic25508.gif)



                                        (Embedded image moved to file: pic28318.gif)



                                        Tara, where do I find Advance to try the sequence?





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                                          gesully Level 1

                                          The answer was as described by Tara although a little different wording in Adobe X

                                          It is in the Accessibility feature as she suggested but it is
                                          labeled "Override Page Display" and then you check "Always Use Page Layout
                                          Style" and select "Single Page".