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    NetStream.seek - issues


      Platform: winXP, Flex4 builder in Eclipse 3.6.1

      Using Air 2.5


      Im working on some record / playback of webcam streams and am encountering some issues.


      1) The docs for flash.net.NetStream show a variable 'inBufferSeek' that doesn't seem to be available to my installation. Has this been removed? Im pretty sure Im on an appropriate version (2.5)

      2) Im not clear on how to optimize my recording for the best 'seekability'. Ive been experimenting with a variety of FPS and KeyFrame settings but Im still getting a great deal of pause/unpause jumping about. I had figured that setting KeyFrameInterval to 1 would give me the most flexibility (no pun intended) for seek and (un)pause but this doesn't seem to be the case. Suggestions?

      3) I have an HSlider control that tracks along with the playback (via NetStream.time).


           a)When I pause the stream and then unpause it typically restarts a second or more earlier. I had hoped that adding more keyframes would help this.

           b)If I pause and then seek() to a different location the result is unpredictable. Often it will restart at a (seemingly) random location - often after a 5+ second delay. Sometimes it will stop altogether. My commands are stream.pause then seek, then unpause.


      Its clear that Im missing some essential concept in using the NetStream object. I'd love to be enlightened.