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    Tabs driving me nuts!

    moonchildokc Level 1

      I am working on a form that was imported as a Word doc.  I've got all my fields set up and it looks great!  The problem is the tabs.  I simply CANNOT get them fixed.  I am using custom ordering, and I can get them pretty much set and save the doc.  Then when I open it, it seems to reorder my tabs.  Also, there are times when I drag tabs up to drop them in a new location and when I drop them it crashes Lifecycle.  I have to go into Task Manager and kill the process to get out of Lifecycle.  Someone help me PLEASE!!!!!  

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          moonchildokc Level 1

          Well, I managed a work-around for the tabs.  I wanted the tabs to flow down, then top-right into the next table.  I ended up just "going with the flow", so to speak, and tabing right, left, right, left, etc.  This is not how I wanted the tabs to flow, but I decided to stop trying to swim upstream.


          I still don't know why it crashes on me so much.

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            faculty support

            I use 1-3 different steps to set the tabs.  Sometimes, I am able to just use Step #2.




            1)  Clear Tab Order in Adobe Professional (Before going into the "edit forms" in the Live Cycle Designer)



            Before setting tab order, take the “tag” settings off the structure.


            1.  View


            2.  Nav panel


            3.  Tags


            4.      R click on first tag


            5.         clear all


            6.      Order


            7.         R click on first


            8.            clear all


            9.     Save


            Then can go into “Forms” and edit.



            2)     Set Tab Order in Adobe Professional

            1.         Open document in Adobe


            2.         View


            3.              Navigation Panel


            4.                          Pages


            5.         Select page by clicking on page panel


            6.         R click, Page Properties


            7.         Select one of the four methods










            This may not work for every document




            3) In Live Cycle Designer, set specific tab order

            1.    Open document and go into "Forms", "Edit Form in Designer"

            2.    "View"

            3.    "Tab Order"

            4.    Follow instructions on screen.


            I hope this helps.

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              moonchildokc Level 1

              When I get to step 5, I don't have a "clear all" option. I have Copy Contents to Clipboard, View Class map, View Role Map, Highlight content, and Properties.

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                faculty support Level 1

                Here is what my screen looks like when going through to step 5.