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    Flash file to iMovie file

    Cuwen Level 1

      Alright, I asked a conversion question on the Apple forums since I wasn't getting any response on here.  I am trying to get my flash files over to iMovie without losing quality by converting to a quickmovie file.  I was told on the Apple forums to look into a mac file converter.  I asked this on there and now I'm asking it on here, hoping for a response this time.  Does anyone agree with this method and if so, which file converters are best and are there any good free ones?  Thank you!

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          AdeptDigital Level 2

          What version of Flash or Adobe CS are you using?  I have converted files for many outputs using the Adobe Encoder that is included with CS3.  If not I hear Sorrenson Video Tools are very helpful.


          The only reason I know to use iMovie is to output a file to DVD or play it on your computer.  If retaining quality is an issue why not make the files as fat as possible.  If the output is going to DVD or being played on your desktop the file size limits we run into online are no longer an issue.  Try outputting the file via quicktime but use the lossless settings.  Go for the largest file size you can to keep the fidelity you want.  If this is an HD project then go for the gold, output it at 1080p with the maximun bit rate per frame and the best audio quality you can.


          If for some reason you are looking to show this file online and the SWF from Flash needs to be edited into a timeline with a collection of video files the method remains the same.  Output the file as large as you can, edit it into the timeline, then output it from iMovie at the largest settings and re-import the file back into Flash.  There you can put a skin on it for controls and then publish a FLV at whatever settings you want.  Again if this is an HD project remember to keep the aspect ratio at 16:9 or it may not play correctly in all browsers.


          Hope this helps, if not give a little more details about what your project is and how you want the SWF to interact, also include CS and OS versions.