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    Reconnecting Offline Media to Previous Project

    Thomas Beach Level 1

      I have been reading the previous threads concerning the subject of 'Media Offline', but have not quite found the answer to my particular problem.  If I have missed such a thread, please point me to it.  Thanks much.


      I began editing a project in CS4.  I should point out that all of the originally digitized HDV (to .avi files) footage is the same, orignally digitized footage.  I was forced to continue editing this project on a completely different computer (both were PC's). 


      I imported the original CS4 .prproj file into CS5.  As expected, all of my Timeline 'Sequences' as well as all of my sublips organized into numerous bins in my 'Project Panel' also showed 'Media Offline' when I tried to open them in my 'Source Panel.'  This was before I re-imported all of the original .avi files (the raw whole tape files) into this newly created CS5 project.


      I then re-imported all of the aforementioned originally digitized .avi files to my D: drive.  I then created a new bin in my 'Project Panel' and imported those .avi files into my CS5 project.  I assumed this was the method for re-connecting the original raw files to the old project pointers. The newly created 'Peak Files' were kept in a folder also on my D: drive.  But after re-importing all of the original digitized files, I am still getting 'Media Offline' both on my Timeline edited 'Sequences' as well as any sublcip file in the bins of my 'Project Panel.'


      Is there a step I am overlooking?  Is there a re-connection process I am missing?  Shouldn't I be able to take a CS4 .prproj file and open it up in CS5 and continue editing it there with the original source asset files?  Or am I going to have to go through all of my original footage again and create new subclips and 'Project Panel' bins?


      I should also point out that the raw .avi tape files play fine in my 'Source Panel.'  It's just that none of my Timeline 'Sequences' or 'Project Panel' subclips will connect.  Of course, I could just start over and go through all the tapes and reorganize.  But that will take me two to three weeks.


      I am running CS5 5.0.2; Windows 7 Pro x64; 12GB of RAM, nvidia GTX-470.


      Finally, I should mention that I do also have all of the original tape files in .mpeg format residing on the same D: drive, although in a different folder if that makes any difference?


      Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.



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          Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I have done this with several projects recently (CS4 projects opened in CS5) and although they are DV not HDV, I don't think you are doing this right.  I copied the whole CS4 project with directories to the new machine.  In my case, the captured files are in a subdirectory.  I opened the CS4 project file and CS5 prompts to rename.  The files are right where there were before, so no relinking is even needed.  In some instances where assets were not, ordinarily relinking worked.


          I imported the original CS4 .prproj file into CS5.

          I did not import into; I opened the CS4 project with CS5.

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            Jim_Simon Level 9

            I'd agree with Stan, you didn't do this right.


            Copy all required assets over to the new computer.  Simply open the old CS4 project with CS5.  First it'll ask you to rename it.  Then it'll probably ask you where the media is.  Point it, and continue on.  It's actually pretty simple.


            Of course, that only applies to the original project.  If you've saved it at all after this mess, things can get more complicated.