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    Flash Catalyst (especially Paninni) Rules - This Is An Apology

    Karl Decker

      Hi… Two weeks ago I posted a question asking how to create a horizontal scrollbar that reveals content from both the right and left sides of a page. I became frustrated because I couldn't bring Catalyst in line with the design I had created in Illustrator for my web page. I had tried using a data list, a component with nested buttons and more components but wasn't able to resolve the challenge on my own. So, I started reviewing the video tutorials and visiting the Adobe Catalyst forum for an answer. When my question didn't receive a response within the first couple of days I posted an additional comment expressing my disappointment. Well, Mykola D. responded to my question telling me how I could use Flash Builder and ActionScript to accomplish my goal. This frustrated me even further because as a designer (not a developer), the last thing I wanted to do was to learn code and begin as a novice with yet another program. So instead I posted another comment basically lambasting Catalyst, and the basic premise of the new program as a "bridge" between designer and developer. Well… I was wrong. In fact, my ultimate experience with Flash Catalyst (Paninni) has been so rewarding that I wanted to post this additional comment to let any one know that read my previous post that I jumped the gun forming an opinion. REALLY jumped the gun. And you know what I forgot? I forgot one of my own fundamental rules when creating. Never try and take a set of preconceived ideas and impose them on a set of tools with which you are unfamiliar. The best ideas emerge from the the artists familiarity with the materials, tools and techniques he/she is using. Trying to create in any other way would be analogous to someone trying to compose a piano concerto without knowing how to play the piano… Or performing brain surgery without ever having attended medical school. I am sure we have all run across THAT type of person before… You know, the big shot creative director who fancies him/herself an "idea" person but has no idea how to actually reduce those ideas to practice, instead relying on the expertise of real artists to create. And you know what? After focusing my attention and actually learning Catalyst it turns out that I didn't have to compromise my Illustrator design one bit. I got the scroll bar to work and even implemented an Illustrator mask grouped with the custom component and… Well, it just worked fantastic. My web page is up and I am very pleased. If you would like to take a look at a professional designers first attempt at a web page I am including the link below. Thanks to whoever had the initial idea for creating Catalyst and I hope the development of this product continues. I am already working on some other ideas on how I can use Catalyst.