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    Improvement from CS4 to CS5?

    digitlman Level 1

      What would be the response for this Hypothetical situation:


      someone owns both CS4 and CS5, however they are running cs4 only and crashing everyday, what would your recomendation be to that person?


      what would you say is the difference from cs4 to cs5? is cs4 better and more stable? or does cs5 have 10,000 bug fixes and is considered to be the better choice? (this is for windows 7 64bit based machines with 8 cores and 20GB ram)


      aside from all the new features, just for basic daily editing, is cs5 more stable?  opinions? I already know cs5 is WAY faster at rendering and that is not the concern, just crashing/stability doing DV and HDV editing is the question.