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    VideoPlayer control - pause/set/play broken


      Im working with the VideoPlayer control in Flex4/Air2.5. Im playing back some .flv files from a media server and attempting to move around to arbitrary points in the playback.


      If I jump to a point using control.playheadTime without pausing first it appears to function correctly. However if I pause, then jump, then play the control will often start the playback from a random location or simply not play at all.


      While each of these tests is going on I am watching the VideoEvent.STATE_CHANGE event and displaying the event.playheadTime value.


      When I jump without pausing I see it move to (assuming) the nearest keyframe before the jump point and play from there. This is consistent across many tries.


      If I pause first, then set the jump location using an HSlider.value and then play I see the event.playheadTime move about seemingly randomly.


      Suggestions on what I might be doing wrong?