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    Why are functions grayed out?


      I'm pretty excited to use Adobe Audition again. I use to have a PC running only Audition, and have used it since cool edit. The last few years, I've been exclusively using Peak. I record live band performances, where I use markers to mark where track breaks, and just export audio between the markers as new aif files. There appears to be this option in Audition, but it's grayed out. In fact, most everything is grayed out. I am missing something obvious here?



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          _colin_ Adobe Employee

          This might be a very dumb question on my part, but have you created a multitrack session and dropped a clip in the timeline or have a file opened in edit view? if not, click the multitrack button/icon in the upper left (or use file->new...) or open the file to Waveform mode. Most things are grayed out otherwise.


          If you've already done this, I apologize (had to check tho...) and maybe give us a little more info on what specifically is grayed out.


          If you're in Editview (called Waveform mode), you can use the M key to drop markers or make a selection between markers right click (or control+click) to bring up the menu and do "save selection as..." which I think is what you're asking to do.



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            Josh-Adams Level 1

            Hi Colin,


            Here's what I'm doing. I recorded a live band, as one stereo aif file. I went through the track in edit mode, and placed markers at all the song changes. I'd like to go to the "export audio within range markers" so as to export the individual songs without having to cut/copy/paste each selection manually. This function is grayed out.


            I have access to cut/copy/paste/delete functions on my menu, and all the effects menus are available but the only tool I have is the time selection tool and most every other tool/export option is else is grayed out. Here's a couple screen shots and what I'm looking at. There's got to be something simple I'm not seeing.

            Picture 3.png.Picture 4.pngPicture 5.png

            (yes, that waveform is nasty looking I know. ha)


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              ryclark Adobe Community Professional

              You can't export Audio Between Markers because you only have Markers as instances. you need to merge them into Ranges so that they have a start and an end and duration before you can export the audio. To do this select all Markers in the list by clicking Ctrl A (or what ever the Mac equivalent is) and then you can Merge the markers into Ranges by clicking on the middle icon in the Marker List above the list. Then the right hand icon will allow you to export you individual files.


              The second set of greyed out options are because they are for the Multitrack view,  not available when you are working in the Edit view. Similarly items in the Clip menu only apply to Clips in Multitrack view.



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                Josh-Adams Level 1

                Thank you!


                I knew it must have been something simple. That did the trick. And good to know that about multitrack view, too.

                Thanks again.