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    Memory Leak with JVC XDCAM Clips


      Hello, All-


      A client provided some QT clips from his JVC camera (I don't remember the model, probably a GY-HD100), and whenever I use them in a project the memory usage continues to climb until I've maxed out my 12GB.  I can actually watch the memory use tick up in the Windows Task Manager while I play a clip or timeline.


      I don't know if it's responsible, but I'm using the Calibrated codec to decode the files.  I don't get memory issues when playing back through QuickTime.


      Any ideas?


      Here are my system specs:



      Asus P6T7

      i7 @ 3.46GHz

      12GB RAM

      Outboard RAID

      Blackmagic Multibridge Pro

      CineForm Neo HD

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          Chadmann Level 1

          Memory Leak.png

          Here's a shot of the Task Manager showing playback and then exiting Premiere.



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            Jim_Simon Level 9

            Does the issue actually interfere with editing in any way?  I ask because I've seen the memory get eaten like that, but things generally continue working.

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              Chadmann Level 1

              Unfortunately, it does.


              I can keep chugging for a while, but once it hits 98% or so  it gets pretty flaky.  No crashes usually, but I'll have to wait while Premiere will freeze for 5-10 seconds every so often.


              I've tried cutting with lots of different variables, too-  Blackmagic timeline or Premiere native, GPU acceleration on or off, but I get the same result every time.  I don't seem to have the issue with other types of media (I haven't tried everything under the sun, though).  XDCAM clips from Sony cameras work fine, DVCProHD, etc.


              I've used clips from this same camera in the past without issue, so I'm guessing it has something to do with the 5.0.3 update.  I may also try uninstalling CineForm as well, since I was having issues in the past with the QuickTime importer (one of the problems that the 5.0.3 update addressed).



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                Colin Brougham Level 6

                Try uninstalling the Calibrated XD Decode components; Premiere Pro CS5 doesn't need them to use these files. I've tried using it to decode other XDCAM clips (such as those generated by FCP's Log and Transfer), but it tends to be really slow and shaky. It might have a memory leak that is causing the problem you're seeing.

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                  Chadmann Level 1

                  I gave it a shot, but no dice.


                  I'm going to try removing CineForm next...



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                    Andy Urtu Level 1

                    I had a memory leak like that with my Cineform HD.  I don't use cineform anymore.

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                      jkosmicki Level 2

                      I have the same problem, I think it is a Blackmagic issue. It happens to me with CineForm and some QuickTime codecs (like ProRes). I can get CineForm files to work by adding an accelerated effect (I use RGB curves) to the CineFrom clips on the timeline (making the timeline yellow). The timeline still plays realtime, but the RAM usage does not climb. I have not had the same success with ProRes.

                      Let Blackmagic know and maybe they will look into it, I've mentioned it to them a few times.

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                        Rkenosha Level 1

                        I have used the sajme files from JVC and have had the same issue. However, I found that once the files are on the timeline, I save the file and reopen and the memory leak disappears. It will be only between 25% and 30% memory usage. The leak is there when importing. Save the project, reopen, it should disappear.


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                          Chadmann Level 1

                          Thanks for the suggestion, but even after saving and closing I have the same issue.


                          I'm really hoping I can get this nailed down without having to transcode everything, as that will put a real kink into my schedule...



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                            Chadmann Level 1

                            After more testing, it does seem to be Blackmagic related.


                            Before, even when using the Adobe player, I was still seeing the memory issue.  But when creating a new project and making sure not to have any BM timelines, the issue disappeared.  Adding an effect to clips on the timeline solves the problem as well, but if using the BM media player I get memory creep when viewing footage in the source monitor.  I don't know if something was broken with the 5.0.3 update, as I've used these clips in the past without issue (I know the update addressed some problems with 3rd-party hardware).  Hopefully BM will release a new driver that will solve things.


                            Very frustrating, as I need a better monitoring solution than going straight out of the video card to a second monitor...



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                              jkosmicki Level 2

                              I don't believe it's related to 5.0.3, I've had the issue since CS4.

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                                I experienced a "memory leak" after updating to 5.03 and using Cineform 5.2.5, I rolled back to a previous version of Cineform and it seemed to fix the problem.