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    Failed to parse file (45 ::35)


      Hello there,


      I am having trouble exporting a .tga sequence from AE.  I have saved Maya renders as .tga sequences.  They import just fine but I have one frame that gives me this error.  I have tried loading the frame into photoshop (which works beautifully) and re-saving with no luck.  I have also searched around other threads and forums and found that a possible reason for this is CMYK vs RGB? if so, why would it only effect that one file? and how can I check that?


      A little background:


      Maya rendered sequences and stored in the standard "images" directory in maya


      I have also tried re-rendering just that frame and replacing it in the sequence.....no luck


      in the image properties, the size and everything loks correct for then sequence


      Im using cs5


      Thanks for your help!