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    How to render most efficiently in PPRO / AME cs5 please

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      i've searched and read all that i can find on the web and these forums about 'tweaking' for improved performance

      these are my final questions that i hope i can get advice:


      i am using cs5 production premium dvd with an i7 920

      12gb ddr3 ram

      5hdd (7200rpm)

      geforce 9800gt with cuda 'enabled'

      and windows 7 64 bit pro on a 10k hdd


      1 drive = os (10k)

      1 drive = projects/ media cache (i moved it from its original location (C:\) and saw increases in performance)

      1 drive = footage

      1 drive = output final renders

      1 drive = scratch disks



      the following processes are used when rendering PPro, PPro headless, AME, Quicktime Server, Dynamic Link...


      1.)  Should any of these processes/tasks be elveated to a higher priority: 'high', 'real time'?


      2.) With 24gb of ram (the addl 12 arriving Wed) IS A PAGEFILE STILL NECESSARY for performace increases?



      the disks are all defragged and 'lean' (ccleaner, spacesniffer, etc., blackviper win7 service tweaks)



      thanks in advance