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    interactivity between flash and dreamweaver

    serg2049 Level 1
      I'm using ajax to load a flash movie when a button is pressed. the movie loads ok and all, but I need to have a button within the flash movie to be able to close both the animation and the layer.


      I took the idea from those animations that sometimes appear in yahoo, where you click on a corner for example, and a flash animation that cover part of the page appears on top of the other content.

      I don't know if what I'm doing is as practical code-wise either.

      So also, if anyones has suggestions to do it in a better way, please let me. The least I ask is how to send a command fromt he flash movie that affects the html document.

      Thanks!!! Here's what I have so far, Please note thtat the layer witht he aniomation closes with another html on top of the flash movie, that's not how I want it...