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    Sound Problems?


      Hey everyone,


      I'm having a few problems in After Effects.


      I've basically made an animation that is 30 seconds long and I've made a narration in Sound Booth that is 30 seconds long.


      I've imported my audio into After Effects and on a RAW preview it plays back perfectly, yet when I render my video, wether it 1080p, PAL DV25 video or 44k or 48k at 16 or 32 bit audio it always gets to just about over half way through the exported video playback and the sound starts to judder and skip, missing out words and making it shorter.


      Why is After Effects doing this? Did I do something wrong in Soundbooth?


      I also used Final Cut Pro to cut the audio up, taking out durations that didn't need to be there, I then exported it as a AIFF and imported it into After Effects, does that make a difference at all, should I convert it to MP3 or WAV?


      Thank you.

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          Have you installed the After Effects CS5 (10.0.1) update? That update fixes a problem with AIFF audio.

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            Zanwolfx Level 1

            Will post if this fixes the problem.


            Thank you for the post however.

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              I suspect that AE is on some level dealing correctly with the file in the wrong way, if you get what I mean. If you edited the file or used multitrack mode, you may have introduced timecode discontinuities, but since AE is agnostic of persistent timecode for the most part, it may try to align the values so they make sense in its mind and skips sections... I would try to convert the file to a more conventioanl 16bit file in Soundbooth, in the process creating a new, "flat" audio file...



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                Zanwolfx Level 1

                Mylenium, thank you for that advice. I did export through Soundbooth to begin with at 16 bit and I tried exporting in After Effects at 16 and 32 bit. Problem persisted regardless.

                Thank you however.


                Thank you Todd_Kopriva, that seemed to fix my sound problem, however, a new problem was created.


                Before the update, when I exported at 1080p PAL it would export with 1080p quality, but in the resolution I specified (576x720), however, after the update, even when PAL 16:9 (576x720) was specified as the export resolution it would export at the resolution of 1080p, so when I play it back, it literally takes over my screen.


                How would I fix this so it kept at 16:9 but with 1080p (PAL) quality?


                Thank you for the advice and answers.