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    Is auto analyzer necessary

    NOKNOT Level 1

      I have installed APE 8. After a day of working with it I have finally downloaded video from camcorder. It split the video into 27 scenes. It began to Auto-Analyze and after 7 min. on the first scene and only 50% through I stopped it. Am I missing something in the settings or is it this slow? I have updated video drivers  just to get this far. Not until after I had purchased it have I begun to see so many complaints about this software. Hope I havent wasted my money. Thanks for any help and suggestions.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          As I say in my books, auto analyzing your video or stills apply Smart Tags to it. This is helpful if:


          1) You plan to use Smart Tags to filter your media file searches in the Organizer; or

          2) You plan to use the Premiere Elements Smart Fix feature to automatically fix the brightness and contast and to stabilize your video clips.


          It can also be very intrusive and can hold up your work for a long time -- especially if it is set to auto analyze video you'e captured.


          I recommend turning it off. You can always manually analyze any clips later.

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            NOKNOT Level 1

            Thanks Steve.