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    Where's the "Help" /tutorial? (Having lots of problems/questions)

    Steve Dirkx

      When I'm in Audition, the "Help" on the top bar is still just the regular Mac help, nothing to do with Audition, can't find out stuff. I have Audtion 1.5 on XP, this Mac version looks quite different and I can't even do simple stuff like slide the waveform left or right when I'm zoomed in. Also doesn't seem to have a "extract from CD" selection, which I use a LOT. And "Save Selection" to a .wav file takes minutes, instead of seconds. (MAC Mini 10.5 point something, Leopard, not Snow Leopard.)

      (L)SD - Dallas, TX

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          _colin_ Adobe Employee

          With regard to "Help", our Learning Resources team which puts that together is in the process of creating it for this version and thus was not availible for the beta release.


          To "slide" the waveform in edit view (waveform view) I'm assuming you're referring sliding your view of the waveform (as opposed to slip editing), if that's the case then there is a Navigation Bar (aka portion bar) above the waveform area in Edit View which you can grab with your mouse and move your view when zoomed to different portions, it also has handles to control how much of the waveform is in your view (ie zoom level). Further, to the right of this Nav bar is a "zoom out full" button which will zoom you out to the extents of the file. Below the waveform view to the right of the transport buttons are some preset zoom controls (zoom to selection, zoom at in point, etc).


          Extract from CD on the Mac beta is done using the Mac's ability to open files directly from disk, you will need to copy them to an hard disk location to edit (just as you would for extraction). Preview can be done using the OSX ability to preview an audio file in the open file dialog. Keep in mind this is pre-release software and is not final so this and other aspects of the application are subject to change.


          I am not sure about your slow save of a WAV file, it's nearly instant on my Mac Book Pro (10.6.5). I have a Mac mini I may try later, but it's a bit newer OS than yours. Could be your Mini is low on resources(ram, disk i/o, CPU)?


          Hope this helps!



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            Steve Dirkx Level 1

            Thanks, that helps. Another question/comment. When I have a portion of the

            waveform highlighted (in white) and I hit the space bar to play, it returns

            to the very beginning of the song and starts playing, instead of playing

            what I've highlighted. Is this a beta issue? Also, what do you call the

            little red line, with a yellow "guitar pick" at the top? It seems to respond

            differently than PC Audition.

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              _colin_ Adobe Employee

              Hi, sorry for the late response.


              When this happens, (highlight and return to beginning when playing from space bar) are you in the Waveform/Edit view? or in multitrack?


              The redline is the CTI (current time indicator), think of it as "you're here now" bar.



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                Steve Dirkx Level 1

                Hi - It happens in the waveform view. I haven't gotten around to trying

                stuff in the multitrack area yet.


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                  Steve Dirkx Level 1

                  Pt.2 (I don't like Gmail in that there's no 'subject' line to write in when


                  In Windows, I use the 'compander' a lot, and am happy with the default

                  settings of it - is the MAC version the same default settings? I ask just

                  because it 'looks' different on screen.


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                    _colin_ Adobe Employee

                    I just tried to reproduce the playback behavior you describe and could not get it to fail (well not "fail" but get it to go back to the beginning when I've selected something). The CTI (yellow pick/red line bar) should get placed at the "in" point of your highlight area when you select it and then when you press play it should start there.


                    Side note, if you're wanting to loop inside your selected area in waveform view, be sure you have the "loop playback" enabled (below the waveform area in the transport controls is a button with a loop symbol). If this is not enabled, the CTI will play past the selected area and come back around to the beginning of the file again.


                    As for your compander question, I was not directly involved with the implementation of that effect so cannot say off the top of my head if it's exactly the same defaults as before, but I'll see if I can find out.