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    sendToBack, sendBackward, bringToFront, bringForward

    PeterPow Level 1

      Hello guys,


      I need help with the page item overlay positions. I know that I can change these by using the methods mentioned in the thread title. But how can I determine the changed page items if performing one of the actions?


      For example lets say I have three textframes in a document:


      TF1: index = 2

      TF2: index = 1

      TF3: index = 0


      now I execute "sendBackward" on the TF3. The result should be


      TF1: index = 2

      TF2: index = 0

      TF3: index = 1


      but is there an easy way to figure out that only TF3 and TF2 have changed? At the moment I have to update all items as I don't know how the indexes of all items have been changed, maybe someone can help me to improve this a little bit