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    Scanner to database


      I recently bought a handscanner for bar codes (for a school project). The deadline is in June, so I have to think about a solution. I have to scan a barcode, and automatically add the results to a database with Flex. I'm kinda new to this, so are there people with any advice?


      Ow yeah, It's a Motorolla Symbol LS 2208 from Hegro (Lecteurs code barres ). I don't know if this matters.


      Thnx in advance


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          Zolotoj Level 3

          Since this is a keyboard scanner, all you need to do is to keep a focus on a field you are scanning your barcodes into.

          After you scan, you can do what ever you want with the barcode, it is just an entry in Flex's text box.


          Hope that helps.