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    Interactive Statement / Asset Placement

    Diego-Silva Level 2

      Hello guys!!!

      I'm trying to build a Interactive Document solution demo based on this Solution Statement, and I have some questions


      The 1st question is:


      In the Flex Project there is a file package.xml where the line below indicates where the data is coming from, right?



      <resources controller="data">
      <resource contentType="text/xml" source="assets/test-assets/xml/AkiraTanaka.xml"/>



      Why is it necessary, if I have to pass the XML data in the LiveCycle process again?


      2nd question:

      In LC process (Interactive Statement), when we call the Asset Placement operation, it requires a template as input. When invoking the Solution Accelerator sample, it uses a template that is located in the LC Content. Where is it set up?



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          Hodmi Level 4

          1 - You are right in that you don't need the data resource in the package file if you are going to populate data from a process.  I usually leave it in the flex project however for testing purposes.  Once I compile the template and bring it into LiveCycle I remove that resource reference.


          One thing to keep in mind is the use of the id “data” for the XMLDataLoader is important.  While you can name this object anything you want, the LiveCycle process components will specifically be looking for an object named “data”.  If you want to fill in the statement using a LiveCycle process, you need to make sure you name it “data”.


          2 - The solution template needs an additional step for installation.  Its on page 21 if the Install Guide under section 4.2.1:


          Log on to the Contentspace ES2 console using the default Administrator credentials:
          2. Click Company Home.
          3. Expand More Actions and click Import.
          4. Browse to [LiveCycleES2 root]/sa_resources/SA_SDK_9.5/InteractiveStatements/RetailBanking, and
          select adobe-sa-is-financecorp-cs-assets.zip. Click OK.
          5. Refresh the Company Home web page to view a new space, namely assets.

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            Diego-Silva Level 2

            Thank you.