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    Export Quicktime with leading header out of AE CS4


      Hi everyone,


      I have to get a workflow with the Rosendahl bonsaiDRIVE (portable video and audio multitrack recorder) and After Effects up and running. Unfortunately the only files that server accepts via Ethernet are Uncompressed 8-bit 4:2:2 Quicktime files with a leading header. It no problem creating those files with Quicktime Pro. I just have to check Prepare for Internet Streaming and it works fine.


      Is there any way to get files like that right out of After Effects? I can't use the renderlist as there's no such option as Prepare for Internet Streaming. When trying it with Export -> Quicktime i can enable it but the Server keep telling me that theres no leading QT header and therefor refuses the file.

      Is that some kind of bug or am i missing something?


      Best regards