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    Inserting Media In Disc Menu


      I have chosen a disc menu for my project. In the main Menu I have a place to "Add Media Here". I would like to add a section of one of my scenes that I have in the time line into the main menu for an introduction. I cannot figure out how to trim the scene, delete audio, and then insert it in the menu. I did this before with PRE 4 but I cant remember how I did it. I know I have to copy the scene somehow and the trim it seperately but I forgot how. Thanks for all the help thus far.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          The easiest way to insert a Motion Background from the Timeline is to Export/Share that desired portion as say a DV-AVI for an SD Project.


          This can be done easily two ways:


          • You can limit the Export/Share with the WAB (Work Area Bar), and uncheck the Export Audio if you only want the Video. Then, just choose Add to Project, and drag that resultant DV-AVI from the Project Panel to the Menu.
          • You can do a Save_As for your Project (leaving your original Project untouched), and then Delete all extra material from the Timeline. Do the Export/Share. Close that Project and then Open your original. Import that resultant AV file, and drag that to the Menu.


          I like the first, as it saves a step, or two.


          Here is a look at the WAB:



          Good luck,



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            NOKNOT Level 1

            Thanks Bill. Worked great. Im getting where I cant remember anything anymore.Thanks again.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              You are most welcome!


              Happy editing and good luck,