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    Cyrillic in GoLive

    generalbatzorig Level 1

      I am making a website with english and cyrillic version. I was able to make the english version and it is functioning fine. But I don't know how to work with cyrillic (Mongolian to be specific) letters in GoLive. I asked Godaddy.com and they said that they supported UTF8 encoding. When I start typing in GoLive, the Mongolian keyboard selection gets deactivated on my Mac. The Russian is there, but Russian doesn't have all the alphabets needed. Also when I copy Mongolian text from other sources and paste it, letters like "ү" and "ѳ" are not recognized. They become ? marks. I know that there are many HTML and flash websites with Mongolian letters, and GoLive should be able to make it.

      If any one know this, please help me. I don't know anything about encoding.