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    pdf reader X has problems with small pdf and printer with post script driver


      Hi friends.


      I have installed new Reader X and then i saw that, when i print a very small pdf with about 50 kb and i print it on a Laserjet 4000 printer the printer has problem with the amount of data that reader 10 produces.


      When i install a Postscript driver for the printer my computer makes up to 3.5MB printer data from a 50kb pdf.

      When i install a PCL driver for the printer my computer makes only 350kb from the same 50kb pdf file!!!!


      When i install Reader 9.3 the 50kb file becomes also only 350kb on the printer with post script driver, and i can print without problems also.


      my printer has 8 MB Ram and that should be enough for 3.5MB printer data.

      But when i print the pdf with 1 side only, the printer created a side who is only filled with 50% of the text, then there comes out a second page with the message.....not enough memory in the printer.


      i can not change the postscript driver to a pcl driver cause our ERP System can not handle printer with PCL drivers.


      Can someone help me please.........are there settings in Reader X who can solve my problem ???


      Thank you very much for help!