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    Document history changes to broken paths

    David Trimboli

      Adobe Reader is changing the file paths to some entries in the recent document history list. Explaining the situation requires some set-up...


      My organization uses domain computers with home directories and group directories. My home directory is automatically mapped to letter H:, and is \\server\itu$\trimboli. My group directory is mapped manually to G: at \\server\it.


      My computer has Windows 7 Professional and Adobe Reader 9.4.1.


      When I open any PDF from my home directory, whether navigated to as H: or \\server\itu$\trimboli, Adobe Reader opens it just fine. It is listed correctly in the document history too, as long as Adobe Reader remains open. But when I close Reader and open it again, the path to the document in the recent list will have changed. For instance, if I open H:\test.pdf, the recent list will change to show G:\test.pdf.


      Even stranger, if I open the file as \\server\itu$\trimboli\test.pdf, it'll end up as G:\u$\trimboli\test.pdf!


      I have been able to reproduce this behavior on another computer as well, set up the same way as mine. The problem does not show up until both the G: and H: drives are mapped as above. Note that it's not just the display of the recent file that's bad: if you click on it, Adobe Reader says it can't find the file. It's trying to open the bad path.


      A look at the registry keys for the recent history list shows what seems to be correct entries. For instance, with the file above, the registry shows /server/itu$/trimboli/test.pdf. The problem seems to be in the way Adobe Reader reads and presents the registry key. Is this a bug in the program? Is there anything I can do to fix it?


      (We're not moving to Reader X until the deployment tools come out...)


      Update: It happens in Reader X, too.